510 Thread Vape Battery & Cartridge Guide

With the new popularity of vaping, there has been an explosion of products launching in the vape world from tanks to atomizers. But one of the most popular products in the vape world are now vape pens which are great for vaping hemp oil, CBD oil and even nicotine e-juice.

Finding vape pen cartridges wholesale is now even easier than ever. A ton of companies have started creating and selling disposable atomizer tanks that fit any 510 thread battery.

These little vape pen cartridges come in either 1ML or the smaller 0.5ML version and last anywhere between 50 to 100 puffs. They are low resistance with Ohms in between 1.9 and 2.1 so you won’t burn your precious oils while vaping with these type of cartridges.

What are Vape Pen Cartridges?

When vaping first became popular the batteries and tanks were quite big and not very discreet but as we have seen a large explosion of popular in the vaping market, the cartridges and batteries have gotten much smaller.

They can now create vape devices that are the size of a pen, hence why they call them vape pens. These portable vape pens allow for easy vaping wherever you go and make refilling a simple process of just throwing away the used cartridge and replacing it with a brand new cartridge.

Companies in legal marijuana states have now started selling pre-filled vape cartridges with hemp oil and CBD. These cartridges fit right on any 510 thread battery for discreet and easy vaping.

As we mentioned before most vape pen cartridges come in  varying sizes but most are either .5ML or 1ML in size.

As time goes on, more and more people are switching to the disposable wholesale vape pen cartridges so they don’t have to mess with re-filling large, bulky tanks.

How Do You Use Vape Pen Cartridges?

Using vape pen cartridges is quite simple.

If you buy a pre-filled vape cartridge, then all you need to do is find or buy a 510 thread battery and screw the vape cartridge into the battery and enjoy but if you are buying a empty or wholesale vape pen cartridges then you will need to fill up the cartridges before use.

How to fill a vape pen cartridge:

how to fill vape pen cartridge

To fill a vape pen, you will need a special tool to be able to inject liquid into your vape pen.

We suggest using 14 Gauge Syringes which are specifically made for this task.

vape cartdridge syringe

You can get them on Amazon using this link.

Once you have mixed your liquid and it’s ready to go, simply use the syringe to suck up the amount of liquid your cartridge can hold (either 0.5ML or 1ML).

Remove the mouthpiece from your vape cartridge as well as the rubber plug.

Insert the syringe tip into the opening of the vape pen and fill it to the rim right under the air vent.

Put the rubber plug back into its original location and insert the mouthpiece back onto the cartridge.

Your vape pen is now ready for use.

Expert Tip: If your vape pen cartridge is not hitting well, try removing and inserting the rubber plug a few times to ‘burp’ the cartridge. This will remove any air-bubbles and allow for better, smoother hitting.

Where to Find Vape Pen Cartridges Wholesale?

With the huge success of vape pen cartridges, there was a large increase in demand for these products. This means that you can now get these vape pen cartridges wholesale, at rock bottom prices.

There are a plethora of shops that sell wholesale vape pen atomizers that are super cheap, high quality and even made in the U.S.A.

Wholesale 510 Tanks is one of the web’s premier sources for finding the cheapest and most high quality wholesale vape pen cartridges.

You can get 100 vape cartridges for under $99 that include a rubber filler and bottom protector as well a plastic case that allows for easy transport and storage.

What Batteries do 510 Vape Pen Cartridges fit?

These high quality vape pen cartridges can fit pretty much any vape battery that has a 510 thread.

Here is a list of some popular vape pen batteries that will fit these wholesale cartridges:

  • Kangertech E-Smart
  • GS Ego
  • SmoeTek eGo
  • Aspire CF Mod
  • Aspire PockeX
  • Joyetech
  • Gold Rush V2
  • Eleaf IStick
  • Innokin iTaste
  • Vaporesso Target Pro
  • and many more!

Remember that when you are purchasing a battery for use with these wholesale vape pen cartridges, they should have an adjustable Ohm setting since these pens don’t need much heat to burn.

You should be setting your mod or battery at a very low Ohm like 1-2 Ohms.

Expert Tip: If you are using CBD or Hemp oil, they do not need much heat to vape, so be very careful when using powerful mods or batteries.

What Can You Put In Vape Pen Cartridges?

The great thing about these disposable vape atomizers is that they allow you to vape a wide variety of liquids and juices:


Wholesale vape cartridges are great for e-juice of any kind. Mix your favorite flavors and fill up these disposable cartridges for easy vaping on the go.

They are great for vacation or traveling when you don’t want to carry around your bulky atomizers and need a quick solution to vaping on the go.

Hemp Oil

Since the legalization of marijuana in a good amount of states in the US, hemp oil is now a very popular way to ingest THC for a more healthy alternative to smoking.

Filling up these wholesale vape cartridges with hemp oil is very simple and allows for discreet vaping wherever you are.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is 1 of 85 cannabinoids that are identified in the cannabis plant and CBD even interacts with our naturally occurring systems but will not cause any type of high.

Studies are starting to show that CBD has many benefits like de-inflammation, relaxation, sleep-aid and even keeps your body in a natural state of balance.

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