The Kind Pen Mist! 510 Thread Battery

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Offering a smooth and flavorful variable-voltage vaping experience in a package that fits in the palm of your hand, the Kind Pen Mist supports most types of slim 510 vaping attachments and can work with e-liquids, oils and wax concentrates. Use the included cartridge to get big, satisfying plumes of flavorful and cool vapor from your favorite oils. Cycle between three different voltages – or use the preheating function to keep your material warm – simply by pressing the button. Built-in 350 mAh battery.

  • Includes 510 Thread Tank
  • 2 Click PreHeat Setting 
  • 3 Click Variable Voltage 
  • Temp Control 350mAh Battery w/ Preheat
  • LED Lighting
  • 5 Click On/Off – Safety Feature
  • Universal Micro USB Charging