The Kind Pen Mist! 510 Thread Battery

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Much smaller than it appears in the picture, the Kind Pen Mist is an all-purpose portable vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand and easily adapts itself to different types of materials with a simple change of the 510-threaded cartridge. The included cartridge is perfect for oil vaping. Do other high-voltage vaping devices cook your delicate oils and waxes, leaving you with a burned taste in your mouth? There’s no need to worry about that problem with this lower voltage vape mod specifically designed to preserve delicate oils and wax concentrates.

  • Includes 510 Thread Tank
  • 2 Click PreHeat Setting 
  • 3 Click Variable Voltage 
  • Temp Control 350mAh Battery w/ Preheat
  • LED Lighting
  • 5 Click On/Off – Safety Feature
  • Universal Micro USB Charging

Fit most all 510 cartridges!