Raw Clipper Lighter - 4 Pack

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Why are you still using cheap disposable lighters to light your smokes? This lighter is produced under the legendary Clipper brand and adorned with the Raw logo you know and love. A true step up from your usual disposable lighters, these Clipper lighters use butane for fuel and will not alter the taste of your herbs. You can refill the Clipper lighter, and you can also replace the flint. Pack of 4.

Clipper Lighters are definitely not your average lighter. Famous for their reliability and quality, each one is made from a strong nylon material instead of cheap plastic. It won’t crack and explode like cheap lighters. 3000 lights from each one, opens beers w/ease, integrated poker and it’s refillable.

Clipper lighters have incorporated a high recycled content in each one. If that wasn’t enough, every time you refill you save a liter of oil over buying a new lighter.

The Exclusive RAW Lighter combines your favorite lighter with the design of your favorite rolling papers.